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Mais um grande lançamento XMobots: Tecnologia MA

Another major release XMobots: MA Technology

Cutting-edge technology already in the input drones For XMobots, a good product is one that generates a high level of profitability for its customers. Always thinking about the best results, XMobots launched in August 2018 the MA Technology (Medium Accuracy). And this is already shipped in the entrance versions of the drones. The MA System…
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Sensor APS-C x Sensor 1”: você sabe a diferença? - XMobots

Sensor APS-C x Sensor 1 “: Do you know the difference?

The camera sensor used by the drone is a crucial information when you choosing equipment. It influences from the quality of the image to the depth of field, as if it were the retina of the human eye. The higher the sensor, the less noise your image will have. That is, each pixel in your…
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“Tecnologia HA: mais de um milhão de hectares mapeados” está bloqueado Tecnologia HA: mais de um milhão de hectares mapeados - XMobots

HA technology: more than one million hectares mapped

For XMobots®, more important than advertising, is to prove results. Since 2016, when we launched HA (High Accuracy) technology, more than one million hectares have been mapped by our customers with XMobots technology that guarantees accuracy of a few centimeters without the need for collection of control points.   Understand how HA technology works XMobots…
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