XMobots reaches the mark of 100 units of Arator 5A

After a year and eight months of delivery of the first unit, XMobots has already reached the mark of 100 units produced of the Arator 5A model. The drone of only three kilos and with autonomy of 50 minutes flight was consolidated in the national market and today is considered the drone of agribusiness.

Fully automatic, the Arator is ideal for mapping agricultural areas, optimizing the work of professionals who seek quality and agility in data capture.

The Arator presents a series of innovations, like landing of extrados parachutes, avoiding damage to the lens of the camera or the hull; system of dry flight, composed by the Arator, GDT and Notebook, all connected via wifi; launch by hand launch with fourth-generation intelligent take-off software – reducing field time, among others.

Regarding embedded technologies, the Arator is also available for sale in the HA (High Accuracy) version, which guarantees accuracy of a few centimeters without the need for collection of control points. The technology, moreover, was approved in a pilot project conducted by teams from a sugar-energy group in the country, resulting in the acquisition of 11 units of the equipment.

With the success of Arator 5A in Brazil, XMobots also started the equipment operations in the foreign market and Peru and Chile were the first countries in the international market to acquire the drone. To learn more about Arator 5A, contact the XMobots team at contato@xmobots.com.


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