XMobots makes its first sale of drones to Africa

XMobots is conducting its first operation in Africa. BDM Engineering and Technology, based in Angola, acquired a Echar 20D HA with oblique cameras to expand its aerial mapping in the area of ??geotechnology. With a growing demand for mapping large areas, they saw the urgency of acquiring a drone that surmounted the need for this type of work.

So, after much research, they chose XMobots because of the high technology employed in drones. And, to optimize work and time, they got Echar. With this, they can map large areas without the need for control points. But maintaining the positional accuracy of a few centimeters.

Edevaldo Ramos, one of the company’s drone operators, spoke about the difficulty in mapping with other drones. “I did an area of ??400 ha with a multirotor drone. I managed to do? I got it. But with great difficulty. I had to make the support points and deploy one by one. Today, we do mapping using support points. Subsequently we collect with the RTK. And that’s a lot of work”.

On expectations with Echar, he said that with the drone of XMobots, the work will be easier and more efficient. “With Echar we’ll be able to show customers that we can make even larger areas with high accuracy without having to collect control points.”


Echar 20D

Echar 20D has consolidated itself as one of the most reliable drones in Brazil. Indicated for the mapping of medium and large areas, it brings innovations that contribute to make its operation simpler, versatile and robust.

In addition to high aeronautical technology, the Echar 20D uses avionics that are the state of the art in technology of drones focused on BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) flights. Currently, the equipment is the only drone in Brazil prepared for flights beyond the line of sight. Its BVLOS certification process is being processed by ANAC, and is expected to close in 2018.


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