XMobotsģ delivers another Arator 5A HA

ERG Engenharia company starts operations on dam

This week,†XMobotsģ held another delivery of a drone Arator 5A HA. The mining company, ERG Engenharia acquired the equipment and was in S„o Carlos -SP for operational training, which includes all the details in the new regulations, specifications and techniques of operation, data processing and the operation of HA technology, which dispenses with the collection of control points.

ERG Engenharia is an up-to-date company and regularly invests in equipment and technological resources that guarantee more safety, cost reduction and streamlining of processes in various engineering sectors, and have seen Arator 5A HA as the best option to meet your demands. ERG is another XMobots customer who joins the group of companies that have been working on the monitoring and environmental monitoring of areas where there are hydroelectric plants.

Among the actions of recovery of areas and monitoring of dams, hydroelectric plants are increasingly betting on the use of drones for inspection of levees and structure of containment dams, in addition to identifying possible areas of risk. Much of this work has been done with xmobotsģ drones. Other clients that have been working in this type of operation are Engineering CF, Geotech Brasil and Geopixel, all operating with Echar 20C HA and now ERG Engenharia, with a 5A HA.

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