XMobots delivers an Arator 5B HA to Geocom

XMobots held on Tuesday the delivery of another Arator 5B HA. For our team, all equipment delivery is special, but this one had a little taste! The company that will start work with Arator is Geocom Agro Brasil, a customer who bought the first Echar manufactured by XMobots in July 2013.


Geocom is a pioneer in the Brazilian mapping market with drones. It is one of the first companies in Brazil to offer mapping services with HA technology. For Geocom’s Luis Fernando Araujo, the technical quality of the equipment, the after-sales efficiency and the results presented by HA (High Accuracy) technology, which eliminates the need to collect control points, were predominant factors for†choosing another model of XMobots. According to Luis, the company maps on average 8 to 10 thousand hectares every month. It has as main clients companies in the sugar and ethanol sector.



Learn more about how to acquire a Arator by contacting our commercial department.


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