Training ATVOS

Training our customers to operate XMobotsģ drones always yields good images. And when we train a team with 10 engaged people, 5 teams and 3 instructors involved, the result is even better! This the training ATVOS.

Thus, after almost 10 days, we successfully concluded the first stage of the training of the team of ATVOS, one of the largest companies in the sugar-energy sector in Brazil. At this stage, the training addressed topics such as basic principles of aeronautogrammetry, regulation, flight planning, post-processing, HA (High Accuracy) technology, operation and flight.

In addition to the Echar acquired in November 2016 – in operation in the Costa Rica (MS) and Alto Taquari (MT) units, the group has just completed the purchase of another 4 units of Echar 20C HA, which will soon be in operation in more 7 units of ATVOS.


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