Sensor APS-C x Sensor 1 “: Do you know the difference?

The camera sensor used by the drone is a crucial information when you choosing equipment. It influences from the quality of the image to the depth of field, as if it were the retina of the human eye. The higher the sensor, the less noise your image will have. That is, each pixel in your image “takes better” light, resulting in greater definition and quality.

Advantages of the APS-C sensor

  • Higher resolution;
  • Less noise;
  • Less problems with diffraction in really small apertures;
  • Greater depth of field control.


The drone Arator, by XMobots, comes equipped with an APS-C sensor of 24MP. Most drones in the category use 1 “sensors, producing significantly lower quality, less detailed images.

Have higher quality mappings with Xmobots.


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