HA technology: more than one million hectares mapped

For XMobotsģ, more important than advertising, is to prove results. Since 2016, when we launched HA (High Accuracy) technology, more than one million hectares have been mapped by our customers with XMobots technology that guarantees accuracy of a few centimeters without the need for collection of control points.


Understand how HA technology works

  • XMobots proprietary XGBAS (base proprietary software) connects seamlessly to multiple RTK correction sources.
  • Connects to RTK Bases from various manufacturers such as Trimble, Spectra, Topcon, Javad, Hemisphere, CHC, XBase xmobots;
  • Connects with direct connection with NTRIP of RBMC-IBGE and with CEGAT-AT;
  • Operates as PPP for flights with unknown base point (post processed using IBGE data);
  • XGBAS sends RTCM or CMR fixes directly to the RPAS, along with the C2 (communication) RPA link;
  • The RPA has GNSS / INS system that operates in GPS and Glonass L1 and L2 and in RTK mode;
  • The HA computer, the advanced xmobotsģ drones on-board computer, processes GNSS RTK, Inertial and Camera data in real time, generating metadata that allows the processing of images WITHOUT CONTROL POINTS in market-based software such as PIX4d and PhotoScan;
  • As a result, we have products such as orthophotos and 3D point clouds (MDS) with accuracy of up to 2cm. (The accuracy depends on several parameters and in flights with simple standards one obtains 1 to 2 x the GSD of planimetric accuracy and 2 to 3 x the GSD of altimetric accuracy.


XMobotsģ proves your results! Contact us as our sales team and request a flight demonstration! E-mail: contato@xmobots.com