Get your drone Arator 5B now!

For many companies, the last quarter is the period when investments are set for next year. Therefore, if your company works with precision agriculture, topography, urban cadastre, mining, georeferencing, environmental monitoring and other related areas, it is a good time to know the results of the drones mapping.

XMobots is the only company in Brazil with equipment authorized by ANAC to fly above 400ft and with a radius of more than 500m. That is, we are talking about productivity. The drone Arator 5B, it’s an equipment authorized to fly under these conditions, and can cover 1,100 hectares on a legalized flight (GSD = 10cm). Meanwhile, ALL competitors can map only 50 hectares per flight in VLOS conditions (flight up to 400 ft, radius of 500m). It’s 22X more!

With high versatility, lean flight system, low maintenance fee and new flight plan software, the Arator 5B is under new pricing. In other words, it is affordable for small, medium and large companies. And it is still possible to buy it without being capitalized: the Arator can be financed by the Finame or BNDES card. Thus, you can get your drone XMobots in installments up to 60x.

For information on direct financing and for consulting new prices, please contact our sales team:

???? E-mail: contato@xmobots.com


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