Federal Institute of Goiás concludes training for operation of drones Arator 5A and Echar 20C HA

A team of professors and researchers from the Federal Institute of Goiás (IFG) finalized last week training for the operation of the Arator 5A and Echar 20C HA aircraft. The purpose of the Institute is to use XMobots drones in academic research in partnership with the Federal University of Goiás and the State University of Goiás.

According to João Cortes, professor who led the equipment procurement process, the surveys with the UAVs will be carried out in the areas of precision agriculture, seed dispersal and filters for vegetation.

Besides the practical applications in the field, which involves the complete operation of the drones, the students of the Federal Institute of Goiás will also be taught to carry out the missions planning with XPlanner software, developed by XMobots, and the processing of the images captured by the drones. Both Arator 5A and Echar 20C HA will be commissioned by IFG later this semester.


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