Know more about the Brazilian drone Arator 5B 2VLOS

The Arator 5B 2VLOS, the first Brazilian drone authorized by ANAC to fly above 400 ft, is a portable drone, capable of generating highly accurate data and with safety devices that protect its patrimony.

One such device is the parachute, used both in emergencies (as in the occurrence of in-flight thermals) and landing, ensuring a safe and accurate landing that requires no pilot intervention.


Advantages of using the parachute:

  • When used in the landing, it avoids damage to the camera lens, common problem in drones that do belly landing;
  • When used in the landing, it avoids damage to the hull, common problem in drones that make landing of belly;
  • Increases equipment life;
  • Guarantees the physical integrity of the equipment in emergencies (meteorological or technical).

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