Arator 5A HA, the Brazilian agribusiness drone

There are more than 35 units sold to sugarcane mills and service providers in the sugarcane industry. Another 20 sold to producers and companies specializing in the planting of grains, eucalyptus, palm and citrus. Two years after the launch of its first version, the figures show the consolidation of the drone Arator 5A in Brazilian agribusiness.

Among the factors related to this “vocation” is the practicality in the use of the equipment. Generally, planting areas are fractionated in plots, and the demand for daily mapping of different plots requires the use of practical equipment so that the operator does not waste time in assembling and dismounting the system. With Arator 5A, these procedures take no more than five minutes.

In addition, the quality of the images generated as the 24 Mpix camera with APS-C CMOS sensor and the accuracy guaranteed by HA (High Accuracy) system are pointed out as big differentials that are changing the way of collecting data in the field. The HA system, for example, is the only national embedded RTK system that dispenses with the need to collect control points. “In addition to saving time and money generated by eliminating control points, the high accuracy achieved has guaranteed increased productivity when data generated by the drone (such as planting lines ) are inserted into the automatic equipment pilots as harvesters, “says Giovani Amianti, CEO of XMobots.

If you still do not know the Arator 5A HA and the results generated by this drone of XMobots, please contact our commercial team at contato@xmobots.com and learn more about the Brazilian agribusiness drone!

To learn more about HA technology, go to the video:



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