Safe airspace for all technologies & applications

XMobots is fully convinced that the great leap towards the development of the drone market depends directly on the construction of an efficient, safe and easy-to-use UTM (UAS Traffic Management) system.

Unlike extremely futuristic UTM projects – which address different scenarios from the current applicability of drones, XUTM was built based on more realistic scenarios and, mainly, compatible with the current demands for the use of professional drones.
The phases zero, one and two of the XUTM platform will focus on the current demand in the Brazilian market, which is VLOS and BVLOS flights, under 400 feet, for the Agriculture, Environmental, Inspection and Public Safety sectors.
After the testing phase of DECEA, XUTM will be available for the entire aeronautical chain (manned and unmanned) soon.

Grow regulation as demand grows

This is the proposal for the XUTM

Who will be the users?

Aviation Authorities

XUTM is the evolution of SARPAS.

Manage your airspace and flight approvals, track manned and unmanned aircraft traffic.


An intelligent traffic management system, capable of identifying risks and protecting operations, becomes an important asset for your company.

Pilots & operators

Plan your flight inside the XUTM platform and make your airspace request in an agile and safe way. Whether you are a professional or recreational pilot, you can count on XUTM to fly more and more, with confidence and total safety.

SAFE and PRACTICAL traffic management

See how XUTM works

XUTM offers services of the phases zero, one and two, authorizing automatically BVLOS flights (SARPAS New Generation – the brazilian state service provider – provides services of phase zero, authorizing automatically only VLOS flights).

ATM Service

The ATM Service integrates with DECEA API.

Restriction Service

The Restriction Service ensures that volume reservations are not permitted if there are intersection with airspaces not allowed to the UTM.

Register Service

Register service offers to the user several registrations from: operator, manned pilot, unmanned pilot, drone, and manned aircraft.

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Planning & Authorization Services

The first step of the volume reservation request is the definition of basic data like:
-Setting the reservation date
-Checking if there are other volumes reserved to this date
-VLOS / EVLOS or BVLOS operation type

The next step is the definition of the desired flight volume.
The system does not enable to continue if there are restrictions, such as:
-dangerous, restricted or prohibited areas (SBD, SBR, SBP)
-Airport approach zones
-Heliport approach zones
– Control zones (CTR)
– Other reserved volumes
(You can plot all these airspace restrictions)

Tracking & Separation Services

With Tracking & Separation Services you can view your operation in real time and check for other drones or manned aircraft flying nearby. The flow is as follows:

-Once the volume is authorized, it appear on the map, and clicking on it, you can start a flight 

-When a flight starts, XUTM local platform sends the location of your drone in real time to the cloud.

-The XUTM local platform receives from cloud the location of the nearby vehicles, manned or unamanned

-Alerts are issued when other drones are nearby

-XUTM monitors compliance and issues alerts if the drone is close to transpose the authorized volume

– The system plots in 3D manned and unmanned aircraft

The XUTM was pre-released on April 21, during the ICAO Drone Enable 2021.

Watch the video where Giovani Amianti, CEO of XMobots, presents the XUTM Project.​

Wait for the official launch!