XMobots HA Technology consolidates and conquers Brazilian market

One year after its launch, HA (High Accuracy) Technology in the XMobots drones is revolutionizing the way data is collected in the field. Since the announcement of the technology, made by XMobots in November 2015, the company has already marketed 33 drones with the technology.

For HA system users, the main differential of the technology is really to dispense with the collection of control points to obtain accuracy of a few centimeters in the products generated in the image processing.

The geologist engineer Sarah Crivellaro Pereira, owner of the mining company Engineering CF, bet on the technology and says surprised by the results achieved. She got a Echar in 2015 and in 2017 upgraded to the HA system. “I have as a parameter the service I performed for a hydroelectric plant here in Minas Gerais. I started working with Echar without the HA system and completed this aerial survey after the upgrade. In the first part of the service, I took 7 days to deploy control points in an area of ??10,000 hectares and another 3 days to carry out the flights. In the second stage, with the HA system already in the RPA, I mapped 35,000 hectares in 8 days, without collecting control points. The result was impressive, “reports the businesswoman.

She explained that the collection of control points in the first stage of the work generated a daily cost of approximately R$ 1,000.00. In this cost is the daily of the surveyor and his assistant, RTK base rent and logistics costs such as fuel, hotel and food. “It’s a technology that pays off in a short time,” adds Sarah.


Understand technology

Developed over 2 years, HA Technology has involved the work of more than 10 engineers who are part of the XMobots R & D Department.

The use of technology already begins in XPlanner, flight planning software developed by XMobots. In it is generated the flight plan with the necessary parameters to guarantee the accuracy of the final product.

In the field, a GNSS configured as RTK base (Real Time Kinematic) connects to the notebook running XPlanner. The GNSS base must send RTCM V3 or CMR + corrections and XPlanner retransmits the real-time corrections to the GNSS embedded in the drone, which operates on GPS and Glonass L1 and L2.

The Echar 20C HA ships a high-quality 36-chassis full-frame geometric camera calibrated for the HA system, which ensures the generation of point and orthorhombic clouds superior to those obtained by smaller format cameras and as a result, unprecedented accuracy, if compared to other systems that do not use control points that employ smaller format cameras.

The advanced on-board computer (HA computer) processes real-time data from GNSS RTK, INERCIAL and CAMERA, generating metadata for processing without control points. The HA computer developed by XMobots utilizes Model Driven Development (AED) and Critical Real Time (QNX) aeronautical technologies that ensure the safety of operation and reliability of the HA technology’s accuracy results.

For more information, contact XMobots at our commercial email contato@xmobots.com.




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