XMobots delivers two more Arators to Grupo Cofco International

XMobots delivered on Tuesday, November 20, another unit of the Arator 5B 2VLOS HA to the COFCO International Group.

The group, which operates in the sugar-energy sector, had already acquired two units of the product in October 2017. This November, two new drones were deliver. All Arators acquired by COFCO have HA technologies (which guarantees positional accuracy of a few centimeters without collection of control points) and 2VLOS (for flights over 400 ft and range over 500 m).

The main objective of the group is to use the equipment for the survey of planting lines and detection of failures. For XMobots, it’s always a source of pride when customers who already know our technology come back and get new products. After all, their satisfaction is our best advertisement!


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