XMobots delivers an Arator 5B HA to Geocom

XMobots held on Tuesday the delivery of another Arator 5B HA. For our team, all equipment delivery is special, but this one had a little taste! The company that will start work with Arator is Geocom Agro Brasil, a customer who bought the first Echar manufactured by XMobots in July 2013. Geocom Geocom is a […]

You can map more with Arator 5B

The new battery has an autonomy of 87 min (ISA conditions) and 66 min in nominal conditions (30 ° C, maximum wind 18km / h and flight 1300m Above Sea Leavel). Consider a GSD of 10cm, flight at 409m, frontal overlap of 80% and lateral of 60%. Thus, it is possible to map 1,174 ha […]

With Echar 20C HA, CF Engineering maps 35k hectares

Engenharia CF is one of XMobots‘ clients that operates in the surveying, bathymetry and aerial surveying sector in the state of Minas Gerais. Currently the company has a Echar 20C HA (High Accuracy) that dispenses the collection of control points in the field and allows the generation of 3D models and orthophotos with accuracy of […]