OMNI TAXI A…REO begins operations with ARATOR HA

XMobots has just delivered another Arator HA drone. Omni TŠxi Aťreo, a company based in Rio de Janeiro, embarks in the area of ??unmanned aircraft with the creation of the Omni Drone Division. This new division of the company was created thinking about the use of the drones for support customers who need high accuracy mapping for various applications. That’s why the chosen model has HA (High Accuracy) technology, guaranteeing the accuracy of a few centimeters without having to collect control points.

“Initially Omni selected Arator after a comparison with several models of domestic and foreign RPAs. We ended up concluding with Arator because it is a complete solution between features, scope, scanning capability and autonomy”, explained Marcello Coura. Omni decided to use the equipment to be an entry-level aircraft in the field of commercial drones. “The type of operation that we intend to do basically is to start with the agricultural area to gain experience in the operation and to evolve into other segments,” continues Coura. This implies making long-haul flights, mainly in the aerial image of transmission lines and pipelines.

Founded in 2000, Omni serves mainly oil customers such as Petrobras in several Brazilian states. With this new core business with drones, the company plans to expand to other segments.

Only certified by ANAC

The equipment model acquired by Omni is the only model in Brazil authorized by ANAC to fly above 400 feet. The legality of operations in accordance with RBAC-E-94 was one of the primary factors evaluated by Omni for equipment acquisition.


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