XMOBOTS PRESENTS XUTM – XMobots´ air traffic management system for drones

(XUTM, the air traffic management system for drones developed by XMobots to attend BR-UTM, DECEA´s UTM system) 

Pre-launch on Wednesday, April 21st, during the event Drone Enable, international symposium promoted by ICAO

XMobots, the number 1 drone company in Brazil and in Latin America, announced on Wednesday, April 21st, the pre-launch of XUTM, air traffic management system for drones (UAS) developed by XMobots, and presented today by its CEO, Giovani Amianti, during Drone Enable 2021, international symposium promoted by ICAO (The International Civil Aviation Organization).

Since 2015, XMobots has been researching the integration of drones in the Brazilian air space. In 2019, the company proposed to DECEA an architecture, services and implementation plan in phases of a Brazilian UTM. DECEA, in accordance to the proposal, named it BR-UTM. 

BR-UTM is composed by PSNAU (Provedor de Serviços de Navegação Aérea de UAS – UAS air navigation service provider) and several FSU (Fornecedor de Serviços de UAS – UAS Service Provider). 

PSNAU is the UTM´s back-end, called “API BR-UTM”, a group of databases managed by DECEA that provides APIs for FSUs connection. The API BR-UTM was developed by ATD/ SDOP/ DECEA (Assessoria de Transformação Digital do DECEA – DECEA´s Advisory of Digital Transformation). 

FSU is the front-end in which all users interact with the BR-UTM.  Since DECEA was focused in the APIs of PSNAUS, and in order to speed up the Brazilian UTM development, XMobots developed the FSU SARPAS NG and donated its source code to DECEA. So, the first FSU, the government FSU, is the SARPAS NG that will provide BR-UTM´s phase 0 services, allowing fast and automatic authorization for VLOS flights below 400ft. 

The second FSU is the XUTM, which will provide BR-UTM´s phases 0, 1 and 2 services, allowing fast and automatic authorization for BVLOS flights below 400ft. 

“XMobots is convinced that a huge step in the drone market development is directly connected to the construction of a safe and easy-to-use UTM system. And that´s exactly what we´re accelerating for Brazil”, says Giovani Amianti.

He explains that although there are some UTM pojects already presented by some countries – extremely futuristic projects, approaching different realities of the contemporary drones applicability -, the BR-UTM and the XUTM were developed based in more realistic scenarios and mainly, compatible with the present-day demands in the use of professional drones in Brazil. “Phases 0, 1 and 2 will focus in VLOS and BVLOS flights below 400ft to agriculture, livestock, inspection and public safety sectors, involving both manned and unmanned chains”, explains XMobots´ CEO. 

The presentation of XUTM at Drone Enable 2021 is available at XUTM´s webpage, on XMobots´ website – www.xmobots.com.br/xutm


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