Each plant presents a radiometric answer which is unique and particular. Since in nature, nothing is generic, a multispectral camera should be?

XMC is the only sensor developed specifically for the spectral signature of the sugarcane leaf. As result, images offer more accurate and assertive information in the generation of the main products of the sugarcane, such as planting failure, crop row restitution and matology.

XMC: Highlight the plant vigor with accuracy and efficiency

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XMC: Better definition of the weed bushes stains

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XMC is a 4-band camera: R, G, B and NIR (Near InfraRed). It makes possible to get visible spectrum images (RGB) and NIR ones in a single flight. Besides, its sensor APS-C allows high coverage in mapping, a true addition in multispectral imaging.


One of the greatest differentials of XMC is your integration with XMobots´ HAL embedded RTK system. Multispectral mapping requires accuracy, especially in Precision Agriculture.

Weight: 283g. 

Dimensions: 110 x 63 x 36mm 

APS-C Sensor (23.5mm x 15.6mm) 

Lens: Sony SEL 16F28 – 16mm, automatic focus 

Ground Sample Distance (GSD): 4.70cm/pixel @ 400ft AGL 

Spectral bands: R, G, B, NIR 

Radiometric calibrationcompatible (dashboard not included) 

Multispectral image formatsTiff 16-bit, 1 band by image 

Multispectral image dimensions: 3000 x 2000 pixels 

General characteristics: 

Higher yield (hectaresflight) in multispectral images 

Narrowband filters for accurate vegetation indices 

HAL embedded system (positional centimetric accuracy with no control points) 

Compatibility with all XMobots drones