Each phenological phase of the cotton plant presents distinct particularities, most of them are imperceptible when reinterpreted by generic sensors.

Afterall, each plant presents an unique and particular spectral signature. And it¬īs in the small details where the valuable information is found, being able to deliver fundamental data to the decision making.

That¬īs why XMobots keeps investing in the development of multispectral sensors based in the spectral signature of specific cultures. The first time XMobots did it was for the sugarcane leaf spectral signature, and such good results were generated by this sensor, that our team was stimulated to develop the same technology for the cotton plant.

After thousands of images collected and hundreds of hours of R&D team work, we present the XMA sensor, the only one which development was based in the spectral signature of the cotton plant.

When preprocessed by the XFarming, the data analysis software developed by XMobots, the XMA images deliver accurate information to the generation of products, such as planting failure detection, growth regulator and defoliant spraying application map at variable rate, as well as management zones identification.

XMA is a 4-band camera: R, G, B and NIR (Near InfraRed), allowing the capture of images (RGB and NIR) in a single flight over the cotton crops. Its APS-C sensor also allows a high-coverage mapping. 

Compa 1
Compa 2

‚¶Ā Weight: 283g

‚¶Ā Dimensions: 110 x 63 x 36 mm

‚¶Ā APS-C sensor (23.5mm x 15.6mm)

‚¶Ā Lens: Sony SEL16F28 ‚Äď 16mm, auto focus

‚¶Ā¬†Ground Sample Distance (GSD): 4.70cm/pixel @120m (400ft) AGL

‚¶Ā¬†Bandas espectrais: R, G, B, NIR


‚¶Ā Multispectral¬†photos¬†format:¬†Tiff¬†16-bit, 1 band¬†by¬†image¬†

‚¶Ā Multispectral¬†photos¬†dimensions: 3000 x 2000 pixels¬†

‚¶Ā General characteristics:¬†

  • Higher yield (hectares/flight) among other¬†multispectral¬†sensors¬†
  • Narrowband filters for accurate vegetation indices¬†
  • HAL and HAG systems integration (positional centimetric accuracy with no conrol points)¬†
  • Compatible with all XMobots drones¬†