“To develop the market of mobile robots with high-end technology”. That´s XMobot´s original mission in 2007, resulting in the dream of turning mobile robotics into a daily reality. A few years later, XMobots got specialized in the development and manufacturing of RPA (Remotely Piloted Aircrafts), becoming LATAM´s largest drone company.

With a factory in São Carlos (SP), one of the main aeronautic poles in Brazil, and the brand-new factory in Itajubá (MG), XMobots breaths now the greatest moment of expansion in its history. One of its most important differentials that made this growth possible is the constant investment in innovation. Counting on a R&D team with over 60 engineers, the company develops all mechanics, hardware and softwares present in its drones, becoming the only Brazilian company that develops 100% of the technologies used in its RPA.

Throughout time, factors such as structural robustness, reliability in all flights stages and the broad history in certification turned XMobots leader in the Brazilian market and one of the main drone companies in the world. So far, XMobots is the only Brazilian company with an RPA authorized by ANAC to perform above-400-ft flights in commercial operations.

Nowadays, the company counts on 170 employees, “XMobotians” driven to the team´s integration in order to revolutionize the world.

XMobots is an acronym of Xtreme MObile RoBOTS


“To develop the market of mobile robots with high-end technology”


“To turn mobile robotics a daily reality to our children and grandchildre


Correctness: “Correctness in absolutely all processes adopting as a philosophy: when is doubt, don´t do it”.

Excellency: “Constant improvement in the processes reaching for excellence in the relations with the customers, employees, investors and suppliers”.

Yield: “A good product or service is that one that generates a high-level yield in the whole chain. Therefore, focus in the results that must fulfill all requirements with a high-level of objectivity”.

Innovation: “Knowledge supports the way to the efficient innovation in a market of constant change. Therefore, don´t stop studying”.

Strenght: “Passion with reality, determination with resilience are strenghts that define “XMobotians””.

Pride: “Be proud, it´s not a fiction, you really do robotics as you do in your childhood dream”.

Ending and tests of Apoena 1000A (XMobots´s 1st prototype) - Approval of the first finnancing – FAPESP and CNPq
1st contract – Deforestation monitoring of JIRAU Hydroelectric plant
XMobots moving to SĂŁo Carlos
XMobots becomes a drone manufacturer – Releasing of Nauru 500A – First delivery of a drone
ANAC issues 1st CAVE for drones in Brazil to the RPA Nauru 500A
Releasing of Echar 20A - ANAC issues 1st CAVE for Auomatic Drones to Echar 20A
First move to an industrial-structured installation – Release of Arator 5A – Release of Echar 20B – Release of Nauru 500B
Releasing of HAL technology (XMobots among the 5 drone companies owners of this technology) - Release of Echar 20C
ANAC issues the authorization to the project of Arator (1st and only drone in Brazil authorized to perform commercial operations above 400ft.) - Foundation of XPilot – XPilot receives the first drone pilot license (above 400ft and BVLOS) - Release of Arator 5B – Release of Echar 20D
XMobots gets R$ 30 million investment from Confrapar – Release of the first Brazilian hybrid VTOL (Nauru 500C) - Release of the XFarming Sugarcane software
Moving to its most recent factory (located in São Carlos-SP) - Release of Dractor 25A – Start the construction of the new factory in Itajubá-MG