about xmobots

We are pioneers

Present in the drone market since 2007, XMobots is the leading company in Brazil specializing in the development and manufacture of remotely piloted aircraft (RPAs) and technologies that assist in delivering results.

Unlike many technology-integrating companies in this market, we have developed all the mechanics, hardware and software present in our drones. This feature makes XMB-branded equipment recognized for structural robustness, reliability at all stages of the flight, and high accuracy of data.

By combining these technical characteristics with a highly responsive and efficient after-sales and support service, with a fast maintenance response rate and real-time customer support, we have gained market confidence by consolidating our position as Brazil’s # 1 drone company.

One of the pillars of this growth is our extensive track record in aircraft certification. Our commitment to the industry’s professionalization has contributed to XMobots becoming the first company in Brazil to have an ANAC-authorized drone flying above 400 ft and a range of over 500 meters.

All of this was only possible thanks to the commitment of a team of about 45 professionals, including over 10 highly skilled engineers, who help us build a solid history of pioneering and innovation. And this is just the beginning of our journey!

Meet our team

XMobots currently employs about 50 employees who work at our headquarters located in the city of Sao Carlos, state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. This team is led by a management team committed to placing XMobots among the top five drone companies in the world.

Giovani Amianti


Thatiana Miloso

Commercial Director

Henrique Dantas

RPA Operations Coordinator

Daniel Sales

R&D Manager

Fábio Oliveira

Supply Coordinator

XMobots Team

Missão, Visão e Valores


“Develop the market for mobile robots with the latest technology.”

XMobots is the acronym for Xtreme Mobile Robots which perfectly sums up the fundamental purpose of the company.


“Making mobile robotics a daily reality for our children and grandchildren.”


1. Correctness: “Correctness in absolutely all processes adopting as philosophy: when in doubt, do not.”
2. Excellence: “Constant improvement in processes aimed at excellence in relationships with customers, employees, investors and suppliers.”
3. Profitability: “A good product or service is one that generates a high level of profitability throughout the chain, so focus on results that must meet all requirements with a high level of objectivity.”
4. Innovation: “Knowledge paves the way for efficient innovation in a constantly changing market, so study at all times.”
5. Strength: “Passion with realism, determination with resilience are the defining forces of the Xmobotians.”
6. Pride: “Be proud, it’s not fiction, you really do robotics like your childhood dream.”