Our story

XMobots is a Brazilian company specialized in the development and manufacture of RPAS (Remotely Pilot Aircraft) or VANTS (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) for engineering applications (agronomy, topography and civil).
Founded in 2007 by a team of mechatronics engineers, XMobots is a Brazilian company specializing in the development and manufacture of Remotely Aircraft (RPA) drones.

By allying the robustness, reliability and high accuracy of its equipment to a highly agile and efficient support and after-sales service, we became a market leader, being the main Brazilian reference and one of the world’s leading drones for mapping.

We develop and manufacture all the technology present in the drones, including mechanics, hardware and software, with permanent investment in systems improvement. We are always looking for the best results.

Currently, XMobots is the only company in Brazil with equipment authorized by ANAC to fly above 400 feet and with a radius of more than 500 meters. Issued by the ANAC in June 2018, the RPA Special Airworthiness Certificate (CAER) for the Arator 5B, represents a historic milestone for the entire industry.

Our values


“Develop the mobile robot market with state-of-the-art technologies.”

XMobots is the acronym for Xtreme Mobile Robots (perfectly summing up the fundamental purpose of the company).


“Making mobile robotics an everyday reality for our children and grandchildren.”


1. Correctness
“Correctness is absolutely all processes, then adopting as philosophy: in doubt not do it.”
2. Excellence
“Constant improvement of processes aiming the excellence in relations with customers, employees, investors and suppliers.”
3. Profitability
“Good product or service is that one generates high level of profitability throughout the chain, so focus on the results that must complies all the requirements with high level of objectivity.”
4. Innovation
“Knowledge underpins the path to efficient innovation in a continuously changing market, for this reason, study at all the times.”
5. Strength
“Passion with realism, determination with resilience are the forces that define the Xmobotians.”
6. Pride
“Be proud, it’s not fiction, you really do robotics according to your childhood dream.”

Our partners


Parceiros Geosan - XMobots drones
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Parceiros Matlab - XMobots dronesParceiros Matlab - XMobots drones
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Parceiros Esterel - XMobots dronesParceiros Trimble - XMobots drones


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Parceiros Fapesp - XMobots dronesParceiros Finep - XMobots drones
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