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A XMobots realiza sua primeira venda de drones para a África

XMobots makes its first sale of drones to Africa

XMobots is conducting its first operation in Africa. BDM Engineering and Technology, based in Angola, acquired a Echar 20D HA with oblique cameras to expand its aerial mapping in the area of ​​geotechnology. With a growing demand for mapping large areas, they saw the urgency of acquiring a drone that surmounted the need for this…
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Terra Forte Consultoria e Projetos recebe Echar 20D - XMobots drones

Terra Forte Consulting and Projects receives Echar 20D

This week, Echar 20D HA will make its debut in the skies of Tocantins with Terra Forte Consulting! Terra Forte Consulting e Projects is a highly respected company that operates in the cities Palmas and Pedro Afonso. And now it’s ready to begin mapping with the XMobots drone. Equipped with the HA (High Accuracy) system,…
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A XMobots está a todo vapor! - demonstrações de voo - demo flights

Demo flights: XMobots is in full swing this week!

The demo flights and results delivered by the Arator 5B HA continue to take off. This week our schedule is full! From Monday to Friday, we will be in factories and agribusiness companies. This only reaffirms the interest of companies in having an equipment authorized by ANAC, flying 100% within the law.   Consult our…
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Treinamento da ATVOS - XMobots

Training ATVOS

Training our customers to operate XMobots® drones always yields good images. And when we train a team with 10 engaged people, 5 teams and 3 instructors involved, the result is even better! This the training ATVOS. Thus, after almost 10 days, we successfully concluded the first stage of the training of the team of ATVOS,…
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Treinamento ATVOS - XMobots

ATVOS completes training for operation of 4 more Echars 20C HA

XMobots® concluded on Thursday (29/3) the training of the team of pilots responsible for the expansion of operations with Echar 20C HA in the sugarcane mills of the ATVOS group. In addition to the first unit of the product acquired in November 2016, ATVOS concluded the purchase of another 4 units of Echar 20C HA,…
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Echar 20C HA é utilizado em trabalhos de prevenção e monitoramento de catástrofes

Echar 20C HA is used in disaster prevention and monitoring

The rupture of the Fundão dam in Mariana is the biggest environmental tragedy in Brazil. This month, she turned two. Since then, a number of initiatives have been set up to repair a gigantic series of environmental, social and economic damage throughout the tailings-hit region. And drones are powerful allies for disaster prevention and monitoring.…
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Tecnologia HA da XMobots se consolida e conquista mercado brasileiro

XMobots HA Technology consolidates and conquers Brazilian market

One year after its launch, HA (High Accuracy) Technology in the XMobots drones is revolutionizing the way data is collected in the field. Since the announcement of the technology, made by XMobots in November 2015, the company has already marketed 33 drones with the technology. For HA system users, the main differential of the technology…
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Com Echar 20C HA, Engenharia CF mapeia 35 mil hectares em apenas 8 dias

With Echar 20C HA, CF Engineering maps 35k hectares

Engenharia CF is one of XMobots‘ clients that operates in the surveying, bathymetry and aerial surveying sector in the state of Minas Gerais. Currently the company has a Echar 20C HA (High Accuracy) that dispenses the collection of control points in the field and allows the generation of 3D models and orthophotos with accuracy of…
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Instituto Federal de Goiás conclui treinamento para operação dos drones Arator 5A e Echar 20C HA

Federal Institute of Goiás concludes training for operation of drones Arator 5A and Echar 20C HA

A team of professors and researchers from the Federal Institute of Goiás (IFG) finalized last week training for the operation of the Arator 5A and Echar 20C HA aircraft. The purpose of the Institute is to use XMobots drones in academic research in partnership with the Federal University of Goiás and the State University of…
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