Sugarcane Solutions

Sugarcane Solutions

Once again, we innovate in the use of technology in the sugar-energy sector. Our “SUGARCANE Solutions” is a software and hardware feature set designed to meet the specific demands of sugarcane mapping.

Through extensive field research, we thoroughly understand our customers’ operations and issues. Thus, we developed a package of specific solutions for the sugar-energy sector, something unique in Brazil and in the world.

XMobots solutions for the sugarcane industry can be embedded in our three drone models (Arator, Echar and Nauru).

Soluções Cana - XMobots

Exclusive solutions for the sugarcane industry


* Intuitive new planner optimized for SUGARCANE multi-field flight
* New controlled access system (block polygon and field flight parameters by plant supervisor by password)
* New intelligent visual and audible alerts that make operator recommendations for procedures.


* New HAG system, the consolidated HA (RTK) system now with direct connection to Trimble AG bases.
* New intelligent autopilot with more precise guidance and landing.


* Higher productivity among multispectral cameras on the market.
* New spectral and radiometric calibration optimized for SUGARCANE
* Greater accuracy in restoring planting lines and assertiveness in identifying weeds


* New artificial intelligence software that analyzes key aspects of SUGARCANE
* Running on QGIS, is the most intuitive SUGARCANE analysis software on the market.
* Processed area payment system (unlicensed)
* Restitution of planting lines
Fault Identification
* Stepping and loss calculation
* Automated invasive identification

XMRO 1.0

* Exclusive new ONLINE drone fleet monitoring IoT system at PLANT headquarters
* New and exclusive flight management system (flight log)
* New exclusive cloud maintenance management system (increased fleet availability due to MRO scheduling)