Nauru 500C VTOL

The first Brazilian hybrid VTOL

Features of Nauru 500C VTOL

Nauru is the ideal drone for anyone looking to break through barriers.

25 kg

Rotating handle maneuverability with fixed wing autonomy

Autonomy: 4h*

Maximum mapping per flight: 16,000 hectares **

Radio link: up to 60km ***

Communications via wi-fi

Wind Resistance: 60 km / h

Cruising speed: 90 km / h

Developed for surveillance and mapping applications

* Nominal Conditions: (flight 1300m ASL, 30 ° C, average wind of 18Km / h) | ** GSD 10cm, side overlap 60%, ISA flight, 2x Sony Alpha 5100 | *** Maximum range subject to weather conditions and relief

More Innovation

Accuracy of a few centimeters without ready controls:

24MP RGB Camera with APS-C Sensor

XMX (RGB, Nir, RedEdge) 24MP camera with APS-C sensor

RGB or Multispectral oblique camera system:
twice the productivity

HAG system: GNSS L1L2 L5 with direct connection with GNSS bases Trimble AG and better accuracy of the market

Stabilized gimbal surveillance system and HD video transmission in RGB and real-time thermal

Technical specifications

Discontinued versions