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Arator 5B, drone da XMobots, é aprovado pela ANAC para voos BVLOS

Arator 5B, XMobots drone, is ANAC approved for BVLOS flights

The ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency), issued this Monday (16/09) the project authorization of the Arator 5B drone for operations BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight). With this approval, the Arator 5B becomes the only drone in the Brazilian market that can fly both BVLOS and above 400ft. The Arator 5B was already authorized to…
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Retrospectiva 2018 - XMobots drones

XMobots 2018 retrospective: our thanks!

We closed this week another year of much, much work! So, 2018 was an intense year for the XMobots team! We made history with Arator 5B (the first Brazilian equipment authorized by ANAC to fly above 400 ft). We closed too, important contracts, consolidated HA technology as the only national embedded RTK system that requires…
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XMobots entrega mais 2 Arators para Grupo Cofco International

XMobots delivers two more Arators to Grupo Cofco International

XMobots delivered on Tuesday, November 20, another unit of the Arator 5B 2VLOS HA to the COFCO International Group. The group, which operates in the sugar-energy sector, had already acquired two units of the product in October 2017. This November, two new drones were deliver. All Arators acquired by COFCO have HA technologies (which guarantees…
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A XMobots realiza sua primeira venda de drones para a África

XMobots makes its first sale of drones to Africa

XMobots is conducting its first operation in Africa. BDM Engineering and Technology, based in Angola, acquired a Echar 20D HA with oblique cameras to expand its aerial mapping in the area of ​​geotechnology. With a growing demand for mapping large areas, they saw the urgency of acquiring a drone that surmounted the need for this…
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Mais um grande lançamento XMobots: Tecnologia MA

Another major release XMobots: MA Technology

Cutting-edge technology already in the input drones For XMobots, a good product is one that generates a high level of profitability for its customers. Always thinking about the best results, XMobots launched in August 2018 the MA Technology (Medium Accuracy). And this is already shipped in the entrance versions of the drones. The MA System…
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Garanta já seu drone Arator 5B! - XMobots

Get your drone Arator 5B now!

For many companies, the last quarter is the period when investments are set for next year. Therefore, if your company works with precision agriculture, topography, urban cadastre, mining, georeferencing, environmental monitoring and other related areas, it is a good time to know the results of the drones mapping. XMobots is the only company in Brazil…
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XMobots entrega mais um Arator 5B HA - GEOCOM

XMobots delivers an Arator 5B HA to Geocom

XMobots held on Tuesday the delivery of another Arator 5B HA. For our team, all equipment delivery is special, but this one had a little taste! The company that will start work with Arator is Geocom Agro Brasil, a customer who bought the first Echar manufactured by XMobots in July 2013. Geocom Geocom is a…
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Com o Arator 5B você pode mapear mais - XMobots drones - drone brasileiro

You can map more with Arator 5B

The new battery has an autonomy of 87 min (ISA conditions) and 66 min in nominal conditions (30 ° C, maximum wind 18km / h and flight 1300m Above Sea Leavel). Consider a GSD of 10cm, flight at 409m, frontal overlap of 80% and lateral of 60%. Thus, it is possible to map 1,174 ha…
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Terra Forte Consultoria e Projetos recebe Echar 20D - XMobots drones

Terra Forte Consulting and Projects receives Echar 20D

This week, Echar 20D HA will make its debut in the skies of Tocantins with Terra Forte Consulting! Terra Forte Consulting e Projects is a highly respected company that operates in the cities Palmas and Pedro Afonso. And now it’s ready to begin mapping with the XMobots drone. Equipped with the HA (High Accuracy) system,…
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Arator, robust as a tractor - XMobots drones

Robust as a tractor: Arator

The Arator, the only drone in Brazil authorized by ANAC to fly above 400 ft, is considered robust as a tractor! It is the most robust drone of the category. Unlike many EPP or EPO equipments, the Arator is made of aramid fiber – better known as Kevlar – and has some carbon fiber parts.…
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