HAL Technology

For XMobots,  precision is not optional.

Consolidated HA technology has evolved, and now even XMobots input products map without control points with a few inches accuracy.

In today’s market accuracy is no longer optional and neither is XMobots, so at XMobots you pay nothing more for it!

Hit the drone to hit the spot.

With HAL technology you achieve accuracy of 2cm planimetric and 3cm altimeter without control points (3cm GSD flight).

HAL technology is multi-constellation and
multi frequency

It operates simultaneously on GPS (US), Glonass (Russia), Galileo (Europe) and BeiDou (China).

Operates on dual frequency, L1, L2, allowing convergent time of seconds with reliable performance (fixed in seconds).

XMobots proves, there are over 2 million hectares mapped with HA technology without control points. Now low cost HAL technology has maintained accuracy, see below:

Why is HAL the most cost-effective?