Arator 5B

Arator 5B

Already know the Arator 5B of XMobots? A pioneer in unmanned aircraft certification, XMobots® is the first company in Brazil to have equipment for flights over 400 feet and with a radius of more than 500m, authorized by ANAC. This condition allows the mapping of up to 800 hectares per flight (GSD = 10cm), generating high productivity and cost reduction for customers who demand maximum profitability in drone mapping.

In the version authorized by ANAC to fly above 400 feet, the Arator has structural changes such as the insertion of visible LEDs up to a distance of 2 km from the operator, besides requiring special training for operation above 400 feet and CAER emission ( RPA Certificate of Special Airworthiness). Called the 2VLOS upgrade, this “package” can be purchased at the time of purchase of the Arator 5B, or in a second moment, as an upgrade.

It’s not just a drone. It’s an Arator.

Arator 5B, the most compact drone in XMobots®, is ideal for mapping areas up to 1,000 hectares in size. Features such as high versatility, lean flight system, ability to ship cameras with 24MP APS-C sensors (unusual in the same category), low maintenance rate and aeronautical design in accordance with ANAC legislation, have made Arator one of the drones of the country, consolidating its vocation of “Brazilian drone of the agribusiness”.

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Features of the 5B Arator

The XMobots portable drone, which inherits all the high technology of the brand’s larger drones, has features such as:


Hull made of kevlar fiber, the same used in bullet-proof vests. It has enough resilience to withstand the impacts inherent in drone operations.


Extruded parachute landing, avoiding damage to camera lens or hull – which is common in belly bumps.


The XMobots auto pilot is already in its fourth generation. With 1GHz processing, it runs RTOS QNX with the software developed using the MDD (model driven development) the same used by Airbus, Boeing and Embraer.


XMobots XPlanner is the project planning software that facilitates the planning, execution and post-processing of the flight.


Arator, GDT and notebook connected via wi-fi.


Automatic launch by hand launch, eliminating the catapult or bungee mount for launch.

In addition to the 2VLOS version, the Arator 5B is available in the HA configuration. Check out:

HAG Technology

HAG Technology was launched by XMobots in May 2019 as an evolution of the highly acclaimed HA (High Accuracy) that led XMobots products to achieve the next level in mapping with drones.

Now the consolidated RTK / PPK system that guarantees positional accuracy of a few centimeters – without need for collection of control points – starts using GNSS L1, L2 and L5 of the Trimble brand. Through an unprecedented partnership between Trimble and XMobots, the HAG system allows direct connection to the GNSS Trimble AG bases.

As a result, the system guarantees positional accuracy on the order of 2cm, with total elimination of control points. In this way, XMobots helps your customers reduce costs in drone mapping, generating great results that contribute to better decisions.

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esquema HA Arator 5B - XMobots drones EN


In this configuration, the 1M3 camera is integrated with HAG technology. With 24mp of resolution in the RGB spectrum, it comes embedded in the fuselage of Arator, being isolated from dirt and with easy access to the memory card.
This payload comes with all power, calibration, trigger and georeferencing devices, transforming the camera into an aerial photogrammetric camera.

Mirrorless camera

APS-C sensor with 3.9m pixel pitch and 3-line linescan technology (blue, green and red)

Minimum shutter of 1/4000

Minimum resolution of 24.3 mp

16mm fixed focal length


In this unprecedented fixed-wing drone configuration, HAG technology is integrated into the 1M5 multispectral camera, developed by XMobots. For the first time in the market of drones, this innovation allows to obtain multispectral images with positional accuracy of a few centimeters, besides high geometric and radiometric quality.
The 1M5 camera contains 5 spectrum bands (R, G, B, Nir and RedEdge), captured separately by an APS-C CMOS sensor of 24mp. In this way, in a single flight it is possible to obtain orthophotos RGB, Nir and RedEdge with high accuracy.

CMOS sensor (APS-C) with 3.9 pixel pitch and linescan technology

Spectrum blue, green, red, RedEdge725nm and NIR 850nm

Minimum shutter speed of 1/4000

Minimum resolution of 24.3 mp

Files in RAW and JPEG format

Minimum ISO sensitivity of 6400

Camera power supply devices by RPA, trigger and automatic synchronization for georeferencing

Lens with fixed focal length of 20mm

Integration with HA system:
for the first time it is possible to have a multispectral image with accuracy

Technical Specifications