Robust as a tractor: Arator

Robust as a tractor: Arator

Arator, robust as a tractor - XMobots drones

The Arator, the only drone in Brazil authorized by ANAC to fly above 400 ft, is considered robust as a tractor!

It is the most robust drone of the category. Unlike many EPP or EPO equipments, the Arator is made of aramid fiber – better known as Kevlar – and has some carbon fiber parts.

The kevlar is so sturdy that it is the material used in bullet proof vests. Unlike fiberglass and even carbon, it has great elasticity. This allows repairs when cracks or other malfunctions occur. That is, in many cases it is easy to repair the fuselage. Thus, it is not necessary to change the entire hull when there is damage, as with other drones on the market.

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