Echar 20C HA is used in disaster prevention and monitoring

Echar 20C HA is used in disaster prevention and monitoring

Echar 20C HA é utilizado em trabalhos de prevenção e monitoramento de catástrofes

The rupture of the Fundão dam in Mariana, is the biggest environmental tragedy in Brazil, and this month has been two years. Since then, a number of initiatives have been set up to repair a gigantic series of environmental, social and economic damage throughout the tailings-hit region.

Among the actions of recovery of areas and monitoring of dams, hydroelectric plants are increasingly betting on the use of drones for inspection of levees and structure of containment dams, in addition to identifying possible areas of risk. Much of this work has been done with the Drones of XMobots.

There are already three XMobots clients working in this type of operation for recovery and monitoring institutions linked to hydroelectric plants. Among them are Engineering CF, Geotech Brasil and Geopixel, all operating with Echar 20C HA.

With the ability to map up to 4,800 hectares per flight under ISA conditions, the XMobots drone also features HA Technology ensuring high accuracy and accuracy in data capture. Certainly the Echar 20C HA is better equipment for this type of work.

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