With Echar 20C HA, CF Engineering maps 35k hectares

Engenharia CF is one of XMobots‘ clients that operates in the surveying, bathymetry and aerial surveying sector in the state of Minas Gerais. Currently the company has a Echar 20C HA (High Accuracy) that dispenses the collection of control points in the field and allows the generation of 3D models and orthophotos with accuracy of up to 2cm.†With the capacity to map up to 4,800 hectares per flight under ISA conditions, the Echar 20 C HA took only 8 days to map the 35k hectares area with 10 cm GSD.

Recently, Engenharia CF was hired by a hydroelectric power plant to map a 35k hectare area for the creation of a three-dimensional model and the generation of contour lines. Very important work to verify the risk of rupture in containment dams.

Check out the video:



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