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Making it


Cargo transportation over long distances. For all.

Millions of people around the world live or work in areas that are difficult to access. Areas where sending work equipment, an online purchase or even basic supplies like medicines can take days or even weeks to reach your destination.

With the DRARGO 150 Solution, under development by XMobots, cargo transportation in areas that are difficult to access and away from large urban centers will become a reality. 

Quick access for everyone, that is our purpose.

What is the weight of the cargo?

The weight of the cargo carried by the Drargo 150 Solution vary according to the distance traveled, as shown below:

Cargo transportation services.

This is DRARGO

Flying in BVLOS operations, requires high expertise and full awareness of the use of airspace.

This specificity, combined with strategic issues, led XMobots to adopt, with the Drargo 150 Solution, a business model based entirely on the provision of services.

So, you have what you need, in your hand, without worrying about flight permits, operational difficulties, pilot training, among others.

Markets that we will operate

Humanitarian causes

Oil and gas


Flying safely

XMobots has a long history in aeronautical certification. Since its founding in 2007, the company has always gone hand in hand with regulatory bodies to promote the conscious and safe use of airspace.Drargo it couldn’t be different. All test flights performed are approved by ANAC, by obtaining a CAVE – Authorization Certificate for Experimental Flight) .In addition, flights will be performed in UTM airspace, integrating the tests of XUTM , an air traffic management system developed by XMobots.

Making it possible,
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for everyone.