ATVOS completes training for operation of 4 more Echars 20C HA

XMobots® concluded on Thursday (29/3) the training of the team of pilots responsible for the expansion of operations with Echar 20C HA in the sugarcane mills of the ATVOS group. In addition to the first unit of the product acquired in November 2016, ATVOS concluded the purchase of another 4 units of Echar 20C HA, which will start operations this April.

Since the end of 2016, when the first purchase of the group occurred, Echar is used in the mapping of areas of the Costa Rica and Alto Taquari units, located in Mato Grosso do Sul and Mato Grosso, respectively. The four new plants to be commissioned will serve seven other plants, located in the states of São Paulo, Goiás and Mato Grosso.

The training completed on Thursday began on March 19 and was attended by 10 participants. ATVOS is one of the largest groups of sugarcane in Brazil, with an installed capacity to process 36 million tons per crop, producing 3 billion liters of ethanol, 700 thousand tons of sugar, and cogenerating 3,1 thousand GWh of electricity per crop.

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