Arator 5B, XMobots drone, is ANAC approved for BVLOS flights

The ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency), issued this Monday (16/09) the project authorization of the Arator 5B drone for operations BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight).

With this approval, the Arator 5B becomes the only drone in the Brazilian market that can fly both BVLOS and above 400ft.

The Arator 5B was already authorized to perform Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) operations with a range of 2km over 400ft (121m) since 2018. Now with this new Design Authorization Data Sheet (DADS) published this week, the XMobots drone is also authorized to fly BVLOS flights with a range of 5km and a flight height of up to 400ft.

ďFor the technology user, this authorization is interesting because it makes Arator the most flexible mapping tool on the market as it allows the technology-novice pilot to fly below 400ft and BVLOS immediately after purchasing the equipment. And if it is in your best interest to expand your operating capacity, you can invest in your XPilot skills to qualify for flights over 400ft. ĒSays Giovani Amianti, CEO of XMobots.


BVLOS permits issued by ANAC for drones in force in Brazil limit flights to a maximum height of 400ft. This condition forces operators of different models available to fly with GSD of approximately 3 cm, which for many demands becomes a waste. ďNot every application needs such a low pixel. For many users 5, 10, 15 cm GSDs are more than enough. That’s why Arator VLOS approval for flights over 400ft is a differentiator when it comes to productivity, Ēexplains Amianti.

Issued by ANAC in May 2018, the VLOS authorization for Arator 5B equipment is the only one in Brazil that authorizes drone flights over 400ft. Thus, it allows for flights without this height limitation with a radius of 2Km without an observer or a radius of 5Km with an observer. In this 2km scenario, with a 10cm pixel, the operator can map 800 hectares per flight at a height of 410 meters (see table below).

Understand the differences

ModelANAC authorized flight heightANAC authorized communication range
Arator 5B BVLOSAbove 121m2km without observer
5km with 1 observer
Arator 5B BVLOS Up to 121m5km without observer
Other authorized dronesUp to 121m5km without observer

Compare productivity

ModelAcre / flight with 3 cm GSD Acre / flight with 5 cm GSD Acre / flight with 10 cm GSD
Other authorized drones400 acreNot allowedNot allowed
Arator 5B BVLOS400 acre640 acre800 acre


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