Arator 5A HA begins operations in Chile

In the next days XMobotsģ will deliver another unit of drone Arator 5A HA.

Linkapsis, based in Santiago, Chile, has acquired the equipment and should start operations very soon. The team that will operate the drone is already in S„o Carlos – SP for operational training, which encompasses all the details of the field practice, specifications and operation techniques, as well as the operation of HA technology, which dispenses with the collection of control points . The Chilean company develops and executes services that seek to improve geodetic, topographic, cartographic and other procedures of the geospatial field.

A large part of Linkapsis’s clients are mining companies, since Chile is one of the main countries in this sector and this will be the main field of activity of the company with Arator 5A HA, which will enable volume measurements, topographic analysis, mapping of ditches and others. The acquisition of the Arator 5A HA by Linkapsis opens a new phase of XMobotsģ in the foreign market, since the extensive schedule of operations with the equipment at altitudes higher than 3,000 meters reaffirm the potential of our product in the most diverse conditions.


Para saber mais sobre nossos produtos e como funciona a Tecnologia HA, entre em contato com nossa equipe comercial pelo e-mail:†contato@xmobots.com†ou por telefone +55 16 34130655.


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