Another major release XMobots: MA Technology

Cutting-edge technology already in the input drones

For XMobots, a good product is one that generates a high level of profitability for its customers. Always thinking about the best results, XMobots launched in August 2018 the MA Technology (Medium Accuracy). And this is already shipped in the entrance versions of the drones. The MA System comprises the on-board computer MA with RTK GPS + Glonass L1. Thus, it guarantees decimetric accuracy with no control points in the drone mapping.

It is compatible with RTK technology embedded in most low-cost drones, which use RTK GPS + Glonass only on the L1 frequency. This technology is now present in the input configuration of our equipment, in the best cost-benefit ratio of the market.

RTK / PPK L1 and RTK / PPK L1 / L2

Currently, most drones sold on the market with RTK / PPK technology operate only on the L1 frequency. But in practice, do you know the difference between a RTK / PPK L1 Base (like XMobots MA technology) and a RTK / PPK L1 and L2 Base (like XMobots HA technology)

Simplifying in a summary:

Drones with RTK / PPK L1 based on EMLID, UBlox, Pixhawk, among others, have fragile accuracy of 2cm for baselines up to 1km. For baselines above 1km, there is robust decimetric accuracy for baselines of up to 10km. So we say that the MA technology has decimetric accuracy.

While RTK / PPK L1 L2 drones based on Trimble, Topcom, Novatel and Hemiphere receivers, among others, they have robust accuracy of 2cm for baselines of up to 20km. So, we say that HA technology has centimeter accuracy.


The great news is: now all XMobots input drones come with RTK L1 technology, having decimetric accuracy. And the best: prices are a must! Contact us.


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